Discover Classical Christian Education: The Essential Guide for Parents

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  • With over 150,000 in print, schools across the country use Discover in marketing and donor packets, at “Open House” events, and for parent and staff education.
  • Choose the cover option that best complements your registration packet, school colors, or other marketing materials.
  • Want to make your message last? Hardcopy that goes directly into the hands of parents and donors is still the best way.
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Do Parents Understand Your School’s Vision?

Classical Christian Schools have unique value, but it can be difficult to get this point across to new, and not-so-new, parents. The booklet Discover Classical Christian Education: The Essential Guide for Parents can help. With over 90,000 Discover booklets in print, schools across the country include the booklet in their inquiry packets, provide them to current parents, and give them to visitors. We offer schools bulk value to make the Discover booklet an affordable part of your promotional packet.

Schools use “Discover” to:

  • Include in inquiry packets
  • Provide at “Open House” events
  • Give to potential donors
  • Educate existing parents
  • Help staff articulate the vision and begin discussions

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